Friday, July 15, 2016

Happy 200th Post!

I started this blog in September 2012 and just reached 200 posts. To celebrate, here are some of the most popular posts, plus a few that are just my favorites.

The wine cheat sheets are always the most popular posts, which is good since they're the main reason I started the blog. Here's a link to all 26 wine cheat sheets (and more coming soon!).

Other very popular posts include:
Top 6 Things to Know About Wine Vintages
Smelling, Swirling, and Training Your Nose
Acid 101
Tannin 101
Is your wine over the hill?
Wine Glasses: What Kind, Why, and Where to Get Them
Would you drink wine with a moldy cork?
Introduction to the Grapes of Texas
The cheapest, easiest, laziest way to cook with wine

And definitely the best beer post is:
The Ultimate Guide to 51 Pumpkin Ales in Houston

Here's to 200 posts and many more to come!

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