What is a Wine Cheat Sheet?

I became interested in infographics at my day job at NASA, when our group started designing them to raise awareness of safety issues in human space flight.  I took a few classes on data presentation and graphic design, and figured I could apply those same principles to wine.  Around this time I was also studying for several wine certification exams, so I started making wine infographics, or cheat sheets, to combine the maps, charts, and information I needed to study all onto one page.

I design wine cheat sheets for individual grapes, showing their basic characteristics, where they are grown around the world, and how different climates change them.  I also make wine cheat sheets for regions, mapping the important wine growing areas, listing what grapes are grown there, and describing that country's wine classification system.  My wine cheat sheets are intended to:
  • Help average wine consumers better understand what they are drinking, find new grapes and regions to explore, and direct them to wines they will enjoy.
  • Provide wine professionals with a quick reference and/or study aid if they are working toward certifications.
Click here to see all the Wine Cheat Sheets posts.  I add to this collection regularly.  To request a cheat sheet I haven't made yet, contact me at ClearLakeWineTasting [at] gmail [dot] com.

The current collection includes:




Here's a sample: