Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Friday, June 19, 2015

Wine Infographic: Loire Valley Cheat Sheet

Next in the Wine Cheat Sheet series:  Loire Valley!

See the full collection of wine cheat sheets here.

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Friday, June 5, 2015

Galveston Bay Beer Company is open in Dickinson!

I've been keeping a list of all the breweries in the Houston area, and the list is growing all the time (up to 18 now!). The latest addition is Galveston Bay Beer Company, which I visited yesterday.

Behind this unassuming exterior is a large, comfortable tap room.


Galveston Bay offers many different beer choices, and flights so you can taste a lot of them.
  • Mosaic Smash - an easy-drinking IPA. My favorite of the 2 IPAs.
  • Sunny Day IPA - a stronger, richer, more hoppy IPA. This one was good too, but probably caters to the more serious IPA fans than I am.
  • Wits' End - a great wit beer. I really enjoyed this one.
  • Lifeboat Lime - a pale ale with lime. Refreshing and perfect for summer.
  • Hammerhead - a dark Scottish ale with a hint of coffee flavor like a porter. Very good.
  • The Twins - blonde ales that have been flavored with either blueberry or raspberry. These are fruity, but not sweet. They weren't my favorite, but they're probably a good option for people who are less enthusiastic about beer. 
  • Tart Cherry Brown - a good brown ale brewed with tart cherries. I liked this, even though I have a history of not liking cherry-flavored things.
  • Duck Duck Gose - a light and refreshing sour, possibly my favorite of the night. Gose is a style of German wheat beer. This one had great ale flavors, was nicely balanced, and just a bit tart.


Galveston Bay beers are available in plenty of locations near Dickinson, but visit the tap room if you can, because a lot of great beers are only available there.