Friday, September 5, 2014

An eclectic list of good white wines under $15

I usually drink more red wines than white, but in the summer I like the cooler, lighter whites to combat the Houston heat.  Summer may be over (at least according to the school calender - the autumnal equinox won't arrive and officially bring fall with it until September 22), but we all know Houston will be sweltering for another month at least.  So I figured it wasn't too late to share a list of good white wines under $15.  This is a very eclectic list, based solely on what I happen to have tasted lately, so it's by no means exhaustive or even well-rounded.  But hopefully it will point you to something new to try!  

If I've written about the wine before, I linked to that post.  I also added a few words about the flavor profile.

  • Buchegger Riesling, from Austria
    • very fruity
  • Pewsey Vale Dry Reisling, from Australia
    • lemon, apricot, and minerality
  • Chateau Ste. Michelle Dry Riesling, from Washington State
    • green apple and lemon with some minerality
    • (link to buy online)
  • Sartori Pinot Grigio, from Italy
    • citrus, mineral, and floral notes
  • Fontana Candida Terre dei Grifi Frascati, from Italy
    • citrus, pineapple, with a hint of toast
  • Abadia de San Campio Terras Gauda Albarino, from Spain
    • citrus and pear, little-to-no oak
  • Vignerons du Pallet Muscadet, from the Loire Valley in France
    • simple citrus flavors, with bready qualities from sur lie aging
  • Gerard Bertrand Picpoul de Pinet, from Coteau de Languedoc in France
    • simple and fruity, little-to-no oak
  • McPherson Viognier, from Texas
    • tropical fruits, floral notes, balanced by earthiness

  • Anna de Codorniu, Brut Cava, from Spain
    • fruity and toasty, a bit like Champagne
    • (link to buy online)

DRY, HALF-SPARKLING (petillant/frizzante)

  • Sauvion Vouvray (Chenin Blanc), from the Loire Valley in France
    • apple, lemon, peach, and earthiness

OFF DRY, HALF-SPARKLING (petillant/frizzante)
All of these are Vinho Verdes, and though they vary a bit in sweetness and flavor profile, they share the same crisp, refreshing, citrusy qualities.


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