Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wine-Influenced Beers

I tasted 2 great beers last night, both with strong wine connections.

One was Dogfish Head Brewery's Noble Rot.  It includes juice from Viognier grapes which have been infected by "noble rot," or botrytis, which is a fungus that is essential to some of the world's most highly regarded dessert wines.  The resulting beer is similar to a Belgian pale ale, but with some honeyed, cider-like notes.  It also had some of the tangy flavor that I associate with sours.  If you're in the Clear Lake area, you can get this on draft at Nobi Public House, but I imagine it won't last long!

The other was also at Nobi - Ska Brewing Company's Hibernal Vinifera Stout.  Vinifera is the species of grapes that is best for winemaking.  This stout is fermented along with Malbec grapes, and it's extremely yummy.  Dark, rich, yet not too heavy, chocolately and toasty, but with additional complexity from the Malbec.

If you're a beer snob, get thee to Nobi and try these!  In fact, get thee to Nobi, period.  Any fan of craft beer in this area needs to be a regular there.

Are there other wine-beer crossovers I should know about?

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