Monday, February 4, 2013

Catching up with Some Links, plus a Nifty New Infographic

I've been away from the blog for a couple of weeks, partly due to a nasty sinus infection, and partly due to prepping for the French wine class I'll be teaching tomorrow night.  I hope to be back to regular posting later this week, but in the meantime, here are some neat links:

*  Underneath Britain's Ministry of Defense is a perfectly preserved Tudor wine cellar, which used to belong to Henry VIII!

*  This article, Darth Vader is My Lover: Revelations About Brettanomyces in Wine, is all about the different strains of yeast that are found in wine.  Brett is usually considered a fault, but is it???  UC Davis has actually released a wine aroma wheel solely dedicated to Brett-induced flavors.  (You may already be familiar with their Wine Aroma Wheel, discussed here.)

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