Friday, June 3, 2016

Visit Granbury, taste great Texas wine.

Recently I wrote about the grapes that are thriving in Texas (Introduction to the Grapes of Texas). Roussanne is one of them. This white grape is native to France and appears in the white wines of France's Rhone Valley. It also appears in the red wines of the region, since it is one of the few white grapes allowed to be blended into Rhone's red wines in small quantities. Roussanne is primarily found in southern France, but its presence is growing in Texas, particularly in the Texas High Plains AVA.

Last year I visited Barking Rocks Winery outside of Granbury, Texas and tasted a wonderful Roussanne. It has aromas of citrus, crisp peach, cantaloupe, and floral notes. On the palate it's dry and balances smooth-and-fruity with crisp-tart-refreshing. At Barking Rocks they feel strongly that Roussanne is right for Texas. They put it right on the label:

I have to agree. I liked all the wines at Barking Rocks, and I recommend you visit and taste for yourself.

The Granbury area (southwest of Fort Worth) makes a great weekend getaway from Houston (or Dallas or Austin). You can visit Dinosaur Valley State Park and see the dino tracks, stay at the historic Nutt House, catch a show at the opera house (we saw Spamalot!), shop on the town square, and definitely visit Barking Rocks. If you like beer, check out Revolver Brewing too.

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