Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why Another Wine Blog?

There are lots of wine blogs in the world, so why start another one?

When I teach Wine Tasting and Food Pairing 101, I find the same questions come up again and again.  What's the difference between one wine and another?  Does it matter where the wine comes from?  What's the best wine with different foods?  How to serve it?  How to store it?  Does price matter?  What are all these crazy regional names?!

I want to provide some basic information that will help you navigate the world of wine more easily, learn what makes one wine different from another, determine what qualities you like in a wine and what you don't, and how to describe those qualities to a clerk in a wine store or a waiter or sommelier.  And in the end, hopefully you'll have a lot more confidence in selecting wine, and end up with exactly what you want a lot more often.

I'll be focusing on 3 main areas:

1)  General wine education.

2)  Tasting notes on wines that are available in the Houston/Clear Lake area.  (Have you ever noticed how lots of wines reviewed online can't be found where you live?)

3)  Summing up information using nifty infographics, because I love big-picture overviews and quick reference.

My goal is help you discover how to find and select wines you'll like, every time.  Because if you don't like what you're drinking, what's the point of wine anyway?

Please feel free to email me your questions, and I'll do my best to answer them in future posts!